Zahir Tari

Professor in Distributed Systems

Discipline Head

School of Computer Science

RMIT University


a little more about me

Area of Research

+ Performance / Reliability / Scalability

+ Security in critical systems

+ Cloud computing, SCADA systems

+ Cyber physical systems


Some recent media releases on Cyber Security

The Conversation, The Australian, RMIT


Editorial Board

+ IEEE Transactions on Computers

+ IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed systems

+ IEEE Cloud Computing

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Useful links

+ Leader of CSG (Cyberspace and Security Group)

+ General Chair of OTM Federated Conf. [1999-2008]


Interesting links I do specially like!

* Berbers

* Berber languages

* Historical Berber figures:

Fatma n'Soumer

Kahina (7th C)

Jugurtha (160 BC)

Massinissa (250 BC)

* Historical Punic events on:

1st Punic war (264 BC),

2nd Punic war (218 BC) (Hannibal war)




A guilty conscience needs to confess.

A work of art is a confession.

Albert Camus, writer


My mother said to me one day:

"if you become a soldier, you will become

a general; if you become a monk you will

end up as the Pope. Instead, I become a painter and end up as Picasso"

Pablo Picasso, painter


"Wisdom begins in Wonder"

Socrates, philosopher


"Earth provides enough to satisfy everyone's need, but not everyone's greed"

Mahatma Gandhi, activist




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