2013 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation Competition on:

Large Scale Global Optimization

June 20 - 23, 2013, Cancun, Mexico

























CEC 2013 LSGO Competition results, and submissions.

This competition is organized in association with the 2013 IEEE CEC Special Session on Large Scale Global Optimization. The competition allows participants to run their own algorithms on 15 benchmark functions, each of which is of 1000 dimensions. The purpose of this competition is to make easier for comparative studies of different algorithms using the same platform. The experiments will take about 222 hours with the Matlab version on a PC with Duo CPU E8500 @3.16GHz. It is highly recommended that participants should gather results from runs of multiple machines, in order to save time. Details of the set of scalable functions and requirements on the simulation procedure are available in a technical report (see also the below reference). Researchers are welcome to apply any techniques to the test suite. Interested participants are welcome to report their approaches and results in a paper submitted to the above mentioned special session via the online submission system of CEC'2013. Or alternatively, the results can be submitted in the form of a brief technical report, which should be sent directly to Xiaodong Li. Submissions in both forms will be considered as entries, therefore be ranked according to the competition evaluation criteria.



Test suite for the competition can be downloaded here (implemented in Matlab, C++ and Java). We'd like to thank Wenxiang Chen for implementing the C++ version, and Giovanni Iacca for implementing the Java version. Here are some preliminary results using the benchmark on DECC-G (a baseline model).

Reference: X. Li, K. Tang, M. Omidvar, Z. Yang and K. Qin, "Benchmark Functions for the CEC'2013 Special Session and Competition on Large Scale Global Optimization," Technical Report, Evolutionary Computation and Machine Learning Group, RMIT University, Australia, 2013.

To those who may participate in the competition: Please could you inform Xiaodong Li about your participation, so that we can update you about any correction of bugs or extension of the deadline?

Important Dates:

For participants planning to submit a paper to the Special Session on Evolutionary Computation for Large Scale Global Optimization:

  • Paper Submission:  15 March 2013 (extended)
  • Decision Notification: 22 April 2013
  • Final Paper Submission: 6 May 2013

For other participants (only result entry but without a paper):

  • Results submission deadline:  6 May 2013

Note: Please send your results directly to

Competition Organizers:

Xiaodong Li

School of Computer Science and Information Technology

RMIT University

Melbourne, VIC 3001, Australia



Ke Tang

Nature Inspired Computation and Applications Laboratory (NICAL)

School of Computer Science and Technology

University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui, China



Zhenyu Yang

College of Information System and Management

National University of Defense Technology (NUDT), Changsha, China




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