First Australasian Computational Intelligence Summer School (ACISS’09)

30 November – 1 December 2009, Melbourne, Australia




Computational Intelligence is concerned with techniques that explore ways of combining elements of learning, adaptation, evolution, fuzzy logic, and other forms of artificial intelligence techniques, in order to create intelligent systems. Research areas include (but not limited to): evolutionary computation, neural networks, fuzzy systems, complex systems, swarm intelligence, computational game theory, Bayesian learning, metaheuristics, and artificial immune systems, etc.

The First Australasian Computational Intelligence Summer School (ACISS’09) will be held in association with the 22nd Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI'09).

The aim of ACISS'09, is to introduce researchers (graduate/postgraduate students and early career researchers in particular) to the general area of Computational Intelligence, and to showcase important new techniques/tools that can be used in research. Furthermore, ACISS'09 will provide an opportunity for CI researchers (young as well as more experienced) in Australia, New Zealand, and the broader Asia Pacific region, to exchange research ideas and network with each other. ACISS’09 will consist of a series of 1 or 2-hour tutorial sessions on specific topics designed at both beginning and/or advanced levels, scheduled over two days (30 November - 1 December 2009). Most tutorial speakers are internationally recognized experts in their chosen fields of CI research. ACISS'09 presents a rare opportunity to learn first-hand some of the hottest topics in CI research.

Tutorial scheduled

  • Tutorial 1: Computational Intelligence in Games (Part I and II), by Dr. Luigi Barone and A/Prof. Philip Hingston
  • Tutorial 2: How to do good database/data mining research, and get it published!, by Professor Eamonn Keogh
  • Tutorial 3: Mining Massive Collections of Shapes and Time Series: With Case Studies in Anthropology and Astronomy, by Prof. Eamonn Keogh
  • Tutorial 4: Particle Swarm Optimization (Part I and II), by Dr. Xiaodong Li and Professor Andries P. Engelbrecht
  • Tutorial 5: Introduction to Bayesian Network Models (Part I and II), by A/Prof. Ann Nicholson and A/Prof. Kevin Korb
  • Tutorial 6: Estimation of distribution algorithms, by Dr. Marcus Gallagher
  • Tutorial 8: Genetic Programming for Data Mining, by A/Prof. Mengjie Zhang
  • Tutorial 9: Spatially-Structured Evolutionary Computation, by Dr. Grant Dick
  • Tutorial 10: Foundations of Intelligent Agents, by A/Prof. Marcus Hutter
  • Tutorial 11: Deep Belief Nets, by Dr. Marcus Frean

For detailed information (abstract and speaker bios), please visit the ACISS'09 tutorials page. Here is the  tutorial schedule. You can download the tutorial slides here.

Important dates

  • Registration: 30 November 2009
  • Application for student travel scholarship deadline: 10 October 2009


Please use the AI'09 registration form to register with ACISS'09 (or the AI'09 online payment option).  For a student the ACISS'09 registration fee is $50 (evidence of student status is required when registering); for a non-student, the registration fee is $100.

Please note if you attend ACISS'09 only, then you need to register only with ACISS'09.

Student travel scholarships

IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (IEEE CIS) has offered several student travel scholarships (applications are due by 10 October 2009). These travel scholarships can be only used for travel expenses. Please apply for these travel scholarships directly at the IEEE CIS summer school webpage.

Organizing committee

  • Xiaodong Li, RMIT University, Australia (Chair)
  • Michael Kirley, The University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Hussein Abbass, University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Marcus Gallagher, University of Queensland, Australia
  • Luigi Barone, University of Western Australia, Australia
  • Mengjie Zhang, Victoria University, New Zealand


ACISS'09 will be held in the ICT building of The University of Melbourne (Building 105). Please refer to this Map of Parkville Campus. It is located at 111 Barry Street, Parkville Campus, Melbourne.


ACISS'09 is proudly sponsored by IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, NICTA, IEEE Victorian Section, and IEEE Queensland Section.

Other information

ACISS'09 is not responsible for accommodation arrangements. Please make your enquiries directly with hotels nearby. Since ACISS'09 will be held at the same venue as AI'09, we recommend that you follow the advice from AI'09 page on accommodation. Here you can download a one-page flyer for ACISS'09.


Photos of day 1, day 2, and dinner at ACISS'09.


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