Ron van Schyndel


Semester 1, 2017

Semester 2, 2018

Research Supervision

Current Students

Omar Al-Boeridi
3D Multi-camera video watermarking
(with Prof Hong Ren Wu)
Michael Kerr
Real Time Watermarking of Surveillance video streams for Tamper-proofing
(with Dr Fengling Han)
Rohan Kapoor
Bio-inspired Real Time Navigation by Acoustic Wave Sensing
(with Prof Roberto Sabatini)
Suraj Bijjahalli
Trusted Autonomous Navigation and Guidance
(with Prof Roberto Sabatini)
Jesse Archer
Advances in Deep Image Geometry Operations and Applications
(with Mr Geoff Leach)

Past Students

Arezou Soltani Panah
PhD: Digital Watermarking of Non-media data streams
(with Prof Timos Sellis)
Mohammed Alkhathami
PhD: User and Device Identity Authentication for Secure Mobile Commerce Application
(with Dr Fengling Han)
Saleh Al Ghamdi
PhD: A Policy-based Context-Aware Navigational Aid for the Blind
(with Dr Ibrahim Khalil)
Paul McIntosh
PhD: X3D-UML - User-Centred Design, Implementation and Evaluation of 3D UML Using X3D
(with Assoc Prog Margaret Hamilton)
Brian Lam
PhD: Determining Index of Modification of Malt using Machine Vision
(with Assoc/Prof Vic Csiesielski)

Geoff Kitchin
MBC Minor Thesis
Design and Evaluation of a Graphic User Interface for an Air Traffic Control Tower (GAAP) Flight Progress Monitoring System.
(with Dr Caspar Ryan)
Stewart Tseng
MBC Minor Thesis
Comparison of Holistic and Feature Based Approaches to Face Recognition
(with by Assoc/Prof Vic Csiesielski)
Wan Norizan Wan Hashim
MTech Dissertation
A Review of the Usability Aspects of Common Web Page Design Paradigms

Clark Lavery
Honours Thesis
Generating Illustrative Maps of a Landscape for Potential Use in Large Scale Strategy Games
(with Geoff Leach)
David Young
Honours Thesis
Investigation of Performance of Shader-Based Seam Elimination for Scalable Tiled Projection Displays
(consultant to Geoff Leach)
Vinh Dao
Honours Thesis
Identifying Regions of change in a video requiring detailed captioning
Gad Abraham (TOP Honours student for 2005)
Honours Thesis
Knowledge-Based Protein Structure Prediction using Approximate Occurrences
(with Dr Margaret Hamilton)

Consultation Times

My normal consultation times are (during semester):

  • Tuesday 3.00pm-5:00pm

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