Possible projects

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I believe it is better if a student can come up with a project that excites him or her, is broadly relevant to this school, and relevant to the interests of any particular staff member, than to pick an existing topic that seems OK to do.

Doing post-graduate research requires you to immerse yourself into the topic, so you'd better be very interested in the topic as you'll be spending a lot of time on it.

If you have chosen your topic in advance and then approach me, I would see my role initially as determining whether the scope and logistics of your idea is appropriate for the type of research (minor thesis, master, PhD) you want to carry out.

Having said that, if you approach me without a clear idea in advance, I have placed below some ideas for projects. Be aware that they vary in difficulty and scope. Some are not appropriate for summer projects. Others are far too small for PhD.

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Almost all of the projects listed can be approached at the level of summer project, honours, Masters or PhD thesis. The main difference being the depth to which the material is covered.

Last Updated: 9th Jan 2014

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