Common 3D Models/Meshes used in Computer Graphics Research


A list of places I've found 3D models used in a lot of computer graphics research papers and available for download. Largely started because I keep forgetting them myself and google doesn't seem to find them easily.

The stanford repository
Another collection with some low poly models
A watertight bunny can be found here
The old Sponza atrium by Marko Dabrovic
The new Sponza atrium by Frank Meinl
The powerplant model
Another collection with many of the above models
A list on wikipedia (currently rather small)
AIM@SHAPE repository, very large collection
Large Geometric Models Archive - Georgia Institute of Technology
Brown Mesh Set
Another 3d model data set list - Dynamic Graphics Project lab, Toronto
MPI Informatics Building Model - 73M triangles

A Watertight (solid) Utah Teapot Model (obj)

Download: wt_teapot.obj (2464 tris)

I couldn't find a watertight teapot model out there so I made one myself (pretty much blender union booleans + some manual vertex collapsing and "edge->mark sharp"s). It's low poly and solid, so no 3D printing for actual tea.

The Crytex Sponza Atrium Model by Franke Meinl

Download: sponza2.tgz (34MB)

NOTE: This is the original model, repackaged into 3ds format, provided here for use with pyarlib. Originally hosted here, "donated to the public for radiosity".

The UNC Power Plant Model

Download: powerplant.ctm (21MB! impressive compression from ctm)

NOTE: This is the original model, repackaged into ctm format (without materials), provided here for use with pyarlib and for research only (see acknowledgments here).