Associate Professor Margaret Hamilton

School of Computer Science and Information Technology
RMIT University
Location : City Campus - room 14.10.02
Phone : 9925-2939 Mobile: 0449 541 900
Consultation without appointment: Friday, 2.30-3.30 and I can be contacted anytime by email.

My Teaching is Advanced Professional Computing Practice.

My Research interests are

Mobility is my main research area, and after investigating the implementation of tablet PC's in the multimedia and design program
we experimented with Solar Blue, our bluetooth server, and undertook studies of mobile phone use on trains and trams.
We are researching visualisations of public transport movements across the city of Melbourne.

I took part in BRACE, Building Research in Australasian Computing Education,
conducting a multi-national study on what makes a good programmer, and am part of an OLT grant:
"Developing Graduate Employability"
looking to consolidate this research and discussion around Australasia.

Here are some of my research students and publications
I have several research projects for interested students, ranging from PhD projects in software engineering, human computer interaction and CS education,
to Honours, Masters and Summer Studentship research and projects. Past projects have involved
Please email me for further information or to organise a suitable time to discuss research supervision.