Computing Theory option 2 (2D Turing machine) assignments

Below is the list of submissions which chose this option, and who have given me permssion to show you their assignment. There are another 5 as well, but they haven't got back to me about this, so I am loathe to show these without some official response. Some are reports only (the first 4). The rest included other files as well, typically code. You can view these on the report link or download them via the zip one.
Name NumberReportZip?
Anthony Sellitti3138660Report
Ryan Tessier3164095Report
Adrian Luke3190990Report
Oliver Marriott3200492Report
Liam O'Shannessy3028308Folder Zip
Michal Knapkiewicz3189891Folder Zip
Matthew Bolger3197930Folder Zip
Matthew Sayer3199258Folder Zip
Nadim Rafehi3199324Folder Zip