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Packages that use TuringState

Uses of TuringState in model

Methods in model that return TuringState
 TuringState TuringStateManager.getCurrentState()
          Get the current TuringState.
 TuringState[] TuringStateManager.getStates()
          Returns a TuringState array containing the values of the state

Methods in model with parameters of type TuringState
 boolean TuringBattle.addState(TuringState state)
          Adds the state to the state manager If something goes wrong, return false
 boolean TuringStateManager.addTuringState(TuringState state)
          Add a TuringState to the collection.

Uses of TuringState in model.filehandling

Methods in model.filehandling that return TuringState
static TuringState[] StateFileHandler.load(java.lang.String filename)
          Retreives an array of TuringStates created from the data in the file.
 TuringState[] FileManager.loadStates()
          Loads the TuringStates from file

Methods in model.filehandling with parameters of type TuringState
static boolean path, java.lang.String filename, TuringState[] states)
          Saves the states out to a file
 boolean FileManager.saveStates(TuringState[] states)
          Saves the states out to file