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Today’s distributed systems consist of not only computers, clouds and datacentres, but also small devices such as smart phones, sensors, and IoT, as well as moving vehicles, drones and robots. Massive amount of data will be transferred among all those interconnected entities and possibly stored on cloud datacentres. This transfer, storage and access must be secure and efficient. Intelligent Analysis of data should be done in real-time as well as offline. Therefore, the goal of our group is to design and develop secure, adaptive and scalable distributed systems. Our main driving applications are Biomedical/E-health, Sensors, Clouds, Content Delivery Networks, Smart Meters etc.

Research Ontology

Data Linkage and Analytics

Big data integration and linkage, Algorithms development for data linkage, Anomaly detection in senor data and internet traffic, Biomedical data analytics
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Biomedical and E-health

Biomedical data compression, Disease diagnosis, Secure transmission of data, Access control, ECG biometric, Ambient Assisted Living
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Security and Privacy

Secure e-health, Biometric template protection, Homomorphic Encryption, Steganography, Privacy preservation, Privacy preserving data mining
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Extreme Scale P2P

Load Balancing in Games World, Routing in Massive Sensor Field, P2P Content Delivery Networks, Cooperative Web Caching
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