Interesting Research Links

Just some bookmarks so I can tell research students, "Look at my web page..." I know this list requires urgent update ... sometime soon .

My research projects and interests include:

Trusted Components and Architecture-Based Reasoning about Trustworthy Systems

  • Software Architecture and Prediction
  • TrustMe Project at Monash
  • Software Engineering of Trustworhty Systems
  • Software Specification and Design
  • Distributed Software Engineering and Architecture
  • Formal methods and declarative languages at UIUC CASE tools
  • Software configuration management
  • Agilility and software debt

    Grids and next generation internets

  • Australian sueprscience intiative
  • FP6 Cordis GRID links
  • FP6 research networks and Grids
  • GRIDS Center
  • GLOBUS Grids
  • UK ERCIM competence map incl grids
  • W3C standardisation
  • semantic web: stepping up the web to formal domain-specific ontologies and logical inferencing

    Enterprise Architecture

  • Virtual Enterprise architecture
  • EA on wiki

    Java and C/C++ for Grid Programming

  • high-performance and numerical Java
  • Berkeley Unified parallel C (UPC) programming language
  • Stanford Sequoia programming language

    Concurrent, Parallel and Distributed Objects and Systems

  • Concurrent, parallel and distributed objects
  • Distributed Software Engineering, Imperial
  • Distributed and Embedded Systems at Aalborg Uni
  • PDS, MIT
  • DSG, Stanford
  • Patterns
  • CORBA / OMG Home Pages

    Real-Time Distributed Objects Specification, Verification and Testing

  • Reliable and trusted distributed components
  • Real-time component analysis and prediction
  • Petri Net Home Page
  • Real-time Workflow Petri Nets
  • Concurrency Research
  • Doug's Home Page, CORBA Performance and real-time
  • Concurrency Specification, Architecture and Rewriting, SRI
  • Maude and Real-Time Maude
  • MODel manageMENT (MOMENT) using MAUDE and Eclipse EMF

    Reverse Engineering and Objects

  • Reasoning
  • Kestrel
  • Georgia Tech

    Trusted Components and Reasoning/Deduction

  • Automated Reasoning DB at Stanford
  • B method
  • The Argonne National Lab's Otter Theorem Prover
  • The verification support environment (VSE) of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
  • The MAUDE term rewriting prover of the SRI Computer Science Lab
  • Isabelle at Cambridge
  • Larch at MIT
  • Nqthm - The Boyer - Moore Prover 1992 underlying some of the other provers