COSC 1229/1479
Computational Science 1

Lecture Handouts

Note: There is no need to print these, as printed versions of any extra handouts will be provided each lecture and they all appear in the notes.

Lecture Topic

1: Intro and Overview (pdf)
2: Fundamentals of Numeric Analysis (pdf)
Java at Middle Age: Enabling Java for Computational Science
Java and Numerical Computing
What every Computer Scientist should know about Floating Point Arithmetic
3: Kinematics (pdf)
4: Collision Dynamics (pdf)
5: Computational Complexity (pdf)
Combinatorics, Complexity, and Randomness
6: Physically-Based Modelling (pdf)
Differential Equation Basics
Particle System Dynamics
7: Particles and Pendula (pdf)
8: Multiple Spring Systems (pdf)
Calculus to Chaos - Chapter 5: Elementary Oscillations
Simple ODE Solvers - Derivation
Physics for Game Developers - Chap 6: Projectiles
9: Overview of Matlab / Octave (pdf)
10: 1D Signal Analysis (pdf)
11: Chaos (pdf)
Chaos from Non-linear Mappings
Anticipating Chaotic Synchronisation
12: Fractal Geometry and Chaos (pdf)
13: 2D Image/Surface Analysis (pdf)
14: Monte-Carlo Methods (pdf)
Computational Physics, chap 7 - Monte-Carlo Applications
15: Revision (pdf)
Past Exam and Extra Questions
2001, Semester 2 Exam (ps.gz)
2001, Semester 2 Exam solutions (ps.gz)
2002, Practice Questions (ps.gz)
2002, Practice Answers (ps.gz)

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