Games Graphics Programming

Ptolemy Oberin knock-off game

'Knock-Off, a game written by Ptolemy Oberin (Kaysik), a former student, now working in the games industry.


RMIT offers three linked games and digital art programs. They are

The programs are being offered primarily by the School of Creative Media (SCM) in the Portfolio of Design and Social Context and the School of Computer Science and Information Technology (SCS&IT) in the Portfolio of Science, Engineering and Technology.

This website provides information primarily about the Games Graphics Programming program, giving some more detail and information to that given on the School of Creative Media website.


The three year Games Graphics Programming program develops the capabilities required for students wanting to pursue games programming/development careers. A central feature is it does this in close connection with students undertaking Games Graphics Design or Digital Art - where students from all three programs undertake key core courses and projects jointly.

In first year Games Studio 1 and 2 are taken by all students, with the aim that students work on games levels, maps and mods - or more artistic endeavours - together. In third year all students take Interactive Digital Project. The aim of this unique approach is to have students with different backgrounds, interests and abilities working together as is found in the games industry.

Games Graphics Programming also has the goal of developing the graduate capabilities needed more generally for 3D graphics and digital media programming and development - whereby the program may be better thought of as "Games and Graphics Programming". Although the games industry is now the largest employer of 3D graphics programmers - and many would say the most exciting - there are many other areas in which 3D graphics programmers are employed including CAD/CAM, medical imaging, simulation, special effects and virtual reality.

Program Structure

The program structure has several key features:

The program structure is here.


Entry into the program is via VTAC.

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