My primary research area is Information Retrieval.

Particular research interests include:

I'm a member of the Information Storage, Analysis and Retrieval (ISAR) group at RMIT University.


My publications are listed on Google Scholar, where you can also find links to many of my papers.

Additional information related to some papers is available from the research data page.

Research Supervision

New students

If you are interested in doing a higher degree by research and believe that we might have shared interests, I'd be happy to hear from you. However, please read this first.

List of current and past research students:

Ameer Albahem (PhD, current)

Abdul Mohsen Afaf M Almalawi ("Similarity Scores and Anchor Text for Effective Query Difficulty Prediction", MBC, 2009)

Neeraj Arora ("Searching Using Bookmarks", Honours, 2007)

Jelita Asian ("Effective Techniques for Indonesian Text Retrieval", PhD, 2007)

Graham Bennett ("A Comparative Study of Language Models for Information Retrieval", MBC, 2006)

Bodo von Billerbeck ("Efficient Query Expansion", PhD, 2005)

Tadele Damessie (PhD, current)

Jasbir Dhaliwal ("Space Efficient Algorithms for String Processing", PhD, 2013)

Michael Harris ("Effective Retrieval to Support Learning", PhD, 2011)

Chris Hoobin ("Efficient Compression of Large Repetitive Strings", PhD, 2015)

Mujtaba Hussain ("Anticipating Search Needs in Real Time Help Desk Environments", Honours, 2008)

Sarvnaz Karimi ("Machine Transliteration of Proper Names between English and Persian", PhD, 2008)

Sadegh Kharazmi ("Diversity in Information Retrieval", PhD, 2015)

Rosette Kidwani ("Maintaining Data Cubes Under Slowly Changing Dimensions", MBR, 2007)

Pengfei Vincent Li (PhD, current)

Lorena Leal Bando ("Effective Summarisation for Search Engines", PhD, 2013)

Joel Mackenzie (PhD, current)

Hilal Ali Abdullah Al Maqbali ("Using Eye Tracking for Evaluation of Information Visualisation in Web Search Interfaces", PhD, 2013)

Ahmed Mourad (PhD, current)

Abdusalam Nwesri ("Effective Retrieval Techniques for Arabic Text", PhD, 2008)

Kevin Ong (PhD, current)

Matthias Petri ("Scalable Succinct Indexing for Large Text Collections", PhD, 2013)

Seyedeh Sargol Sadeghi ("Identification of Re-finding Tasks and Search Difficulty", PhD, 2015)

Milad Shokouhi ("Federated Text Retrieval from Independent Collections", PhD, 2008)

Iman Suyoto ("Cross-Domain Content-Based Retrieval of Audio Music through Transcription", PhD, 2009)

Marcel Tjandraatmadja ("Answer Consistency for Search Engines", Honours, 2005)

Evi Yulianti (PhD, current)

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