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Most of young people love new things, as the new represents change and energy. I love them too. But as to friends, I love the old ones better. I do not have a lot of friends. The friends I have are all extraordinary excellent. Not in one aspects, but in all aspects across a wide range of areas.  I, myself, am like a running tortoise.  Think, if the rabbits do not sleep,  how can I catch up ?!!!  --- NEWS. I was a top 5% good student in Applied Science Department,   RMIT University, 2002. -:). That is old record (too old now), but I like it, so put it in my RMIT Homepage. My google index is here. My RMIT research publication page is here.

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I taught many subjects and have been instructors, head tutors and tutors for 9 years in RMIT. I will try to do a better job as the time goes.  I got my Ph.D.. in the School of Computer Science in 2006 and  my senior supervisor Vic, second supervisor Xiaodong.  I love to argue on intelligent and thoughtful questions. For fast access, here are some web links: fpage, ems, rmitnetstorage, staffems, papers, pay,, hsbc, ingdt, national, unisuper, webtute, rlib, sprg, gmail, adsense, html, wx, jk, zb, dict, chdict, wbm, arrnet , bzip, finance, webbib, gpbib, cbib, citeseer, ddb, springer, dblp, rmitgp, gp, gpanimate, latex, mp, weather, ecpaper, LanLan.msn, ecbib, cec03, cec03img, cec03,, cec05,, oldys, stl, gdocs,, gplot, gplot2, oman, jdkapi, staff, 2003scg, gurl, estate, rpres, ., rhres, ., reshouse, darebin, reservoir, sold.reservoir, hinfo, auctinfo.res, auctinfo.burw, r, auctinfo.brunswick, domain, victrip, scfd, ecml, ecml.rmitgp, fr, citizen, melway,, exch, qz, mr, cs.research, ai2004, ai04img, Adept Consulting Engineers, bks, mpostcode, sydney.postcode, theage, ebook, ywater, Michael.Summer, ., evolved.images,,, sbart, Perl, redAlert, yuri, games, ebay, ebay.endearly, ebay.addr, chengdulove, ibmr, 19c, 57c, 59c, 59h, 86c, 86h, d1, 2yearsImmi, adminnews, addurlg, iplookup, mirror, mp, gptno, 6park, vpac.job, seek, seek.database,, seek.uni.lecturer, seek.uni.mel.lecturer, jmacro, job.cqu, bp, exec, student.timetable, teaching.award, melbourne.airport, bikesales, bikes.ninemsn, dog.breeder

This is one thousand time that I read the following story. It still works as a stimulus for my study and life.

{Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It realizes that it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It realizes that it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve to death. It doesn't matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle, when the sun comes up - you had better be running}

In Chinese, it is probably as follows: (different in translation, same in meaning)

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