Daryl D'Souza's Home Page

(Dr.) Daryl D'Souza, Senior Lecturer,
School of Computer Science and Information Technology
RMIT University

Office: +61 3 9925 2927

Email: daryl.dsouza@rmit.edu.au

You can find me in 14.09.18 at the City campus of RMIT.

Teaching duties (when I'm teaching):
Programming 1 (COSC1073/COSC2362)
Access to course material is available to enrolled students via myRMIT.

Student consultation
For student consultation times for courses that I teach please go to the learning hub via www.rmit.edu.au/ and then consult the relevant course offerings (for example, COSC1073).

Research Interests This section of my home page is under construction.

  1. Information Retrieval (publications)
  2. Computer Science Education
  3. Evolutionary Art

Potential PhD Projects

Developing health students' analytics skills to determine future patient health needs and resources.

Project leaders: Dr Daryl D'Souza, Dr Amanda Kimpton, Dr Xiuzhen Jenny Zhang

This is a multi-disciplinary project whose aim it is to inform the ongoing redesign of health education curricula to allow for the development of diagnostic skills in health students, using data analytics. Such diagnostic skills will assist in clinical case analysis and provide students with data analysis skills to predict and intervene in future health interventions..

The motivation for this work stems from the ever-escalating healthcare costs for societies with ageing populations. One important aspect in addressing health care for the future is the use of preventative interventions for patient care to reduce both economic and personal hardship. Health analytics, coupled with data mining, are providing opportunities to both analyse and predict future health care for patients. To date, however, little attention has been paid to the education of health care students in utilising analytics data to predict and intervene in future patient care and management. This project will provide health science students with an understanding of how to use analytics to aid in patient care and future medical interventions, and to predict trends in healthcare management for both individuals and large populations. The research questions will focus both on appropriately modeling healthcare data and ad hoc healthcare curricula needs, towards creating adaptable, work-ready health industry graduates, skilled in data analytics for diagnosis.

I am available anytime (via appointment, preferably) to discuss the NTEU with colleagues. Membership forms are available at both of the above websites.

Author : Daryl D'Souza
Last modified : July 2012