The RMIT Multimedia Processing Group (MPG)

MPG is a group of researchers that use signal processing techniques in order to solve problems related to audio, images or video. The emphasis is on learning more about signal processing techniques and making sense of published research, rather than presenting new research results of the group (though that will happen occasionally).

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Local resources

Fri 11th May 200712:30pmScott BrewerCreating a Virtual Suikinkutsu 14.10.06a
Fri 27th Apr 200712:30pmChris Hoobin Fourier Transform, and Fast Fourier Transform14.10.06a
Fri 13th Apr 200712:30pmAlexandra L. Uitdenbogerd Chapter 1 of Digital Signal Processing by Steiglitz14.10.06a
Fri 30th Mar 200712:30pmRon van Schyndel Voice Coding and Data Compression14.10.06a
Fri 16th Mar 200712:30pmRon van Schyndel Image Processing14.10.06a
Fri 2nd Mar 200712:30pmAlexandra L. Uitdenbogerd Voice Separation - two papers14.10.06a paper 1paper 2

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