The RMIT Computer Music Seminar Series

These are open to the general public and are held approximately monthly at RMIT's city campus. If you would like to receive email announcements of upcoming talks, please email me.

In 2007 I expanded our activities to a fortnightly multimedia processing research group meeting (MPG schedule). We had a break in 2009, but I hope to get things going again this year (2010).
Wed 4th May 201111:30amPhilip Wheatland MelodicMatch 9.03.09
Wed 30th March 201111:30amNathaniel Young Discussing the paper "AUTOMATIC MAPPING OF SCANNED SHEET MUSIC TO AUDIO RECORDINGS" by Fremerey et al. 9.03.09
Fri 16th July 201011:30amJeremy Marozeau The effect of the fundamental frequency on Timbre 12.10.02
Thu 22nd April 20101:00pmAlexandra L. UitdenbogerdDiscussing the paper "Automatic Regnition of Lyrics in Singing" by Mesaros and Virtanen 14.10.09
Tue 1st October 200812:00pmAlexandra L. UitdenbogerdMultitimbral Musical Instrument Classification 14.10.06a
Fri 5th September 200811:30amAlexandra L. UitdenbogerdThe Prototype RMIT MIRT Sing Search System 10.08.04
Tue 22nd April 20084:30pmPaul VickersSound for computer software visualisation 36.3.02 (AV Theatre)
Fri 14th March 20081:30pmNicholas RingFinding 'Lucy in Disguise with Lions': Approximate String Matching for Music IR Systems 14.10.06a
Fri 22nd February 200812:00pmRobert SheltonA Distributed Environment for Computer Music Theatre 3, Level 2, ICT Building 111 Barry Street, Carlton
Fri 11th May 200712:30pmScott BrewerCreating a Virtual Suikinkutsu 14.10.06a
Fri 15th Dec 20065:30pmStephen Patterson & Daniel Vogrig Guitar Playing Robot10.11.03
Fri 8th Dec 200612:30pmIman Suyoto Aligning Musical Audio with SymbolsStorey Hall CRS06 talks
1:45pmPeter Somerville Classification of Digital Instruments using Unsegmented and Segmented Audio Files
Fri 27th Oct 20062:30pmAlexandra L. Uitdenbogerd ISMIR 2006 Report and miscellaneous items12.8.02
Tue 22nd Aug 20062:30pmIman S. H. Suyoto Aligning Audio with Symbols: Case Study in Western Classical Music14.10.06a
Fri 30th Jun 20062:30pmAlexandra L. Uitdenbogerd A study of boundaries in dynamic programming for music information retrieval10.08.03
Fri 28th Apr 200611:30amRobert Shelton A Lock-Free IPC For Computer Music10.08.04
Fri 25th Nov 200512:15pmPeter Somerville Classification of Music Based on Musical Instrument TimbreStorey Hall CRS05 talks
2:45pmIman Suyoto Effectiveness of Note Duration Information for Music Retrieval
Fri 14th Oct 20051:30pmIman Suyoto ISMIR 2005 report12.10.03
Fri 19th Aug 20051:30pmPeter Somerville and Ron van Schyndel Audio Analysis Tools: Marsyas and Matlab12.10.03
Fri 8th Jul 20052:30pmFran Soddell and Jacques Soddell Fungal Music12.10.02
Fri 27 May 20052:30pmPeter Somerville PhD Proposal and current work on instrument similarity10.08.04
3:00pmAlexandra L. Uitdenbogerd DASFAA Report
Fri 1 Apr 200511:30amAlexandra L. Uitdenbogerd Effectiveness of Note Duration Information for Music Retrieval10.8.04
Tue 23 Nov 20043:40pmAlexandra L. Uitdenbogerd Combining demographic data with collaborative filtering for automatic music recommendation10.10.04
Tue 26 Oct 20043:30pmIman Suyoto Trends at ISMIR 200410.10.04
Fri 17 Sep 200411:30amIman Suyoto Exploring microtonal matching10.11.04
Tue 24 Aug 20043:30pmPaul DoornbuschACMC Report14.10.06a
3:45pmAlexandra L. Uitdenbogerd SIMS Report
4:00pmIman Suyoto MIRT: Past, Present, and Future
Fri 2 Jul 20042:30pmIan Kaminskyj Automatic recognition of musical instrument using isolated monophonic sounds14.10.06a
Fri 28 May 20042:30pmDjuwari (and Dinesh Kumar) Independent Component Analysis for blind source separation10.10.04
Fri 30 Apr 20042:30pmRon van Schyndel The Physiology of the Ear and Hearing10.10.04
Fri 26 Mar 20042:30pmIman Suyoto The Architecture of the MIRT Implementation10.10.04
3:00pmAlexandra L. Uitdenbogerd Revisiting automatic music classification
Fri 9 Jan 200411:30amAlexandra L. Uitdenbogerd Automatic Music Classification Problems
Wed 17 Dec 200311:00amIman Suyoto Microtonal Music Information Retrieval
11:30amArran Stewart RMIT music recommender system
Wed 19 Nov 200311:00amAlexandra L. Uitdenbogerd ISMIR 2003 Report
Fri 17 Oct 200311:30amAlexandra L. Uitdenbogerd Was Parsons right? An experiment in usability of music representations for melody-based music retrieval
Wed 17 Sep 200310:30amDavid Hirst Developing a cognitive framework for the interpretation of acousmatic music91.2.15
Wed 13 Aug 200311:15amPaul Doornbusch ACMC Report
11:45amAlexandra L. UitdenbogerdMIRT Project Update

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