Dr Alexandra L. Uitdenbogerd

I'm a member of the RMIT Search Engine Group, as well as past convenor of the Computer Music group. As search engines involve text, text usually represents language, and I like languages, I also frequent the Language Technology group at University of Melbourne when time permits.

Research Interests

I currently have an OLT Seed grant to explore vocabulary acquisition via extensive reading. My overall research goal in the area of language learning is to automatically provide optimal reading material and resources to language learners in order allow the most efficient language acquisition via reading.

Music Information retrieval, information retrieval, recommender systems, computer-assisted language learning (acquisition via reading and listening), music classification, tools for musicians, pattern matching.


These are now located on the RMIT Research Bank site.

PhD Thesis

"Music Information Retrieval Technology" by Alexandra L. Uitdenbogerd. PhD 2002, RMIT. PDF file of thesis

The Computer Music Group

The computer music group is a subset of the RMIT Sound group, both of which are currently in hiatus. We held a seminar series. I've started a page of resources at RMIT for computer music.

In 2007 we expanded into a Multimedia Processing Group.

Other Professional Activities

I'm currently on the editorial board for the Journal of New Music Research. I was a Programme Committee member for the Australian Computer Science Conference 2002-2007, and was a Programme Committee member for SIGIR in 2003.

Other stuff

Current experiments that I'm recruiting participants for


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