Lin Padgham's Homepage

Lin Padgham (PhD), Professor,
Department of Computer Science
RMIT University

+61 3 9925 3214

You can find me in 14.08.08 at the City campus of RMIT.
(instructions to find the office are here)
I have no set office hours, but you can email me for an appointment.

I am the leader of the Intelligent Agents Group in the School of Computer Science and Information Technology at RMIT.
I also lead the Urban Decision-Making and Complex Systems program in RMIT's Global Cities Research Institute

My research interests are in the area of artificial intelligence, in particular intelligent agents and agent based modelling and simulation. They include: BDI agents and extended BDI reasoning, agent oriented software engineering, agent oriented applications, agent learning, emotional modelling in agents, agent architectures, agent based simulations and games, environmental applications using agents, formalistion of commensense reasoning. I have a strong interest in inter-disciplinary work.


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